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February 13, 2014

Dear Residents of the Longmeadow Community:

Like so many other families, my husband and I chose to move to Longmeadow because of the strength of the public school system.  I am proud to say that my older son, Coleman, is thriving at Wolf Swamp Road School, and my younger son, Luke, attends Greenwood Children’s Center, excited for the day when he will join his brother at school.  Professionally, I have dedicated my career to public education, and I have been a classroom teacher for fifteen years and a school administrator for five years.  My passion is education, and I am a positive, forward-focused problem-solver; I hope to be able to give back to this amazing community through service on the School Committee.

Currently, I am the English Supervisor for Simsbury High School, a high-performing high school outside of Hartford, and prior to that, I was the English Department Head for Ellington High School.  Thus, I have had the opportunity to lead teachers through the transition to the Common Core State Standards and a systematic revision of curriculum and the program of studies.

I hope to bring my skills in educational leadership to the work of the School Committee.  Having attended each of the recent forums on plans for the kindergarten program, I know that I would be stepping into this role at a time when there are no easy solutions for the challenges ahead.  I fully support the move to an all-day kindergarten program while also offering parents the option for half-day. Hopefully we can make the transition as smooth as possible for those families who opt for half-day and have concerns about how they will supplement the education at home.  While English Language Arts is my area of expertise, I am adamant about providing opportunities for our youngest students to be the budding scientists and creative inventors they naturally are in the elementary years. We need to make our science curriculum at the elementary school level fun, engaging, rigorous, and innovative to ensure we are preparing our students for a future likely to look radically different than our world today.

Perhaps the greatest strength I bring to my work as educational leader is my ability to facilitate collaborative decision-making.  Effective communication is essential to the work of the School Committee, and I continually strive to ensure that my vision for student achievement is clear.  In the educational setting, full consensus may be rare, yet it is what we strive for—a shared, collective vision for student achievement and the best possible practices to achieve that vision.

Throughout my teaching career, I have been a student-centered educator, and as a leader, I strive for clear communication and for a long-range vision. My abilities to problem-solve effectively, analyze student achievement data, work positively and productively with parents and community members, and present information clearly would serve me well as a member of the School Committee.  If there are any questions I can answer for you as you evaluate my candidacy, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment here or email me at georgia.robert16@gmail.com.


Georgia H. Patnode-Robert

BA English from Mount Holyoke College

Masters Degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Quinipiac University


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